The Golden Investment a.s. own internal systems are connected to current data from the world’s financial markets. Trading in precious metals is particularly sensitive to developments on the world’s stock exchanges. The selected data are always subject a minimal lag against real time, primarily because of security..

We make available the following charts and tables:

  • London Fix Metals daily rates
  • London Gold Fix weekly trends
  • EUR/USD rate weekly trends
  • Gold spot price (24 h) trends


London FIX (USD/oz) rate trends

morning (AM) afternoon (PM)
Gold 1,732.45 1,733.55
Silver 17.00
Platinum 829.00 835.00
Palladium 1,980.00 1,915.00
ČNB Rates 1 USD 1 EUR
24.66 CZK 27.07 CZK

USD/oz spot price trends

London Fix (USD/oz) rate trends

EUR/USD rate weekly trends