These days we operate globally, often in third world countries. We know that just the mere materialization of profit is not enough for a happy life. Jewellery making and dealing in precious metals are among the oldest human occupations. Long-held values still survive. Concepts like trust, honour, loyalty, a handshake have to this day kept their firm place in the scale of values espoused by every true precious metal dealer or jewellery maker.




Relationship quality, service quality, product quality, are the truly fundamental values in such a legendary field as that of gold and other precious metals. We are building a large multinational community, to outlast our physical lives.



Security is our core value, security for our business partners, security for our end customers. We stand by agreed commitments. Everything we do is geared to ensure The Golden Investments a.s. is always a safe bet.


Market clout

One of our great benefits and advantages is market clout. Thanks to our major resources of own and investment capital, the breadth of our activities around the gold metals and our transnational presence, the market clout we have is notable and still growing.

Market clout


Sustainable development and an ecological approach to the production and disposal of precious metals has to be one of the values on which to build the future of the business. Only by keeping the world in good order for future generations do our endeavours make sense.


Aim: All things gold

We want to be a truly global brand. The most successful companies in the market are always the ones that play to their core business strengths. We are working to build a worldwide chain of activities comprehensively encompassing the gold and precious metals domain. This measn from the onset, their extraction, processing, trade, financial services, safe-holding, to the making of jewellery and other products.

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