“We know all there is about precious metals.”

Precious metals from a different perspective
Our company The Golden Investment a.s. together with our partner company MPM Invest spans all the continents today and has a large number of business partners.

We are able to provide a variety of services, from the buying out materials to extensive export/import activities, even in out-of-the-way parts of the world.

We also provide for our partners a supply line of semi-finished jewellery articles from the best makers on the market. A number of such articles we produce ourselves. We help creditable business partners with the financing of their business activities, e.g. in the form of extended maturity.

We see beyond limits, we overcome obstacles

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Quality is always our first priority
Jewellery has accompanied humankind since the dawn of time. Beauty and knowhow, the traditional essence of jewellery skill down the ages. Our vantage point is the more than 25-year tradition and skill of our jewellery designers. Their art and craft hand-in-hand with modern production techniques offers amazing opportunities to impart fresh content and value to jewellery.

Our main emphasis is on the quality of the jewellery, including the use of truly high-quality preparations and antiallergenic surface treatments free of undesirable alloys. For our jewellery we make exclusive use of 925/1000 Sterling Silver. We own the retail brands MOSHNA, Luciano Frantini and the children’s jewellery brand Jungle Pinkee. We also develop and make special jewellery collections.

jewellery making
jewellery making
jewellery making

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Gold and silver jewellery making.

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"A modern platform for your gold investments."

Phenomenal scope for private investors
Our company The Golden Investment a.s. has developed and long been operating the TGI Club investment platform, focused on investment gold related services for private investors.

TGI Club services are extensive and cover all the needs of our clients. These days there are plenty of places where they’ll sell you investment gold without the option to sell it back.
Only at TGI Club will you find the full scope of quality advanced services such as auction of gold bullion, gold commodity savings, private insured deposits or modern financial products based on gold. All thanks to the fact that our capabilities are so wide-ranging.

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TGI Club – investment gold
and modern financial services

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„Security and a good night’s sleep.“

Innovative services in the safekeeping of valuables
The Golden Investment a.s. has its own safe-holding management, making use of own safe deposit capacity as well as the banking and non-banking sector.

For our clients in the TGI Club we operate a highly secure safe-holding service entirely outside our own premises and bank safes, in cooperation with the transnational security agency G4S, which operates in 105 countries around the world. Our clients’ gold bars are safely stored in a vault of the highest security level, rating 12, which is insured for 500 milion GPB with Lloyds of London.

For the future we are planning to build our own vaults with the highest security rating and a completely new type of service for our clients.

Security and a good night’s sleep

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